LED Bayonet Lights

LED Bayonet Lights

Matrix Railway Bayonet LED Indicators replace incandescent miniature bulbs with a cost-effective design using the latest LED technology. 

Compact Design
This technology allows for the use of miniature packaging and simple development custom applications.  An advanced power supply design enables large stings LED lights to operate at 12 VDC.  The power supply design can be adjusted to operate a wide range industry of voltage standards, 12, 24, 37.5 & 74VDC, in addition to custom luminous intensities.

The design is very flexible and can be modified to mount on any configuration or package required by the customer.   Modular design covers a wide range of the miniature bayonet light configuration.

Optical Features
Viewing Angle 30 to 120 Degrees
Number of LEDs - 16
Color Options and Luminous Intensity per LED
• Red - 400 to 7000 mcd
• Yellow - 600 to 7000 mcd
• Blue - 250 to 1400 mcd
• Green - 550 to  6500 mcd
• White - 2000 to 10000 mcd

Electrical Features
• Operating Voltage Range - 37.5 VDC
• Voltage Protection
  Breakdown Voltage - 120 VDC
  Surge Current (IRMS) - 9.1ARMS
  Peak Power - 1500W
• Inverse Voltage Protection - Non-Polarized

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